Paradise starts with one of our walks. With a range of options available and varying walking routes throughout the week, paradise starts the moment you enquire about your dog.

Group Walks (1 Hour)

Maximum 4 dogs

Want your prized pooch to have a wonderful hour making new friends, running across the common or along the beach then this is the walk for you.

Dogs for these walks will be vetted for compatibility with the other dogs in the group and must be good with other dogs.

Solo Walks (1 Hour)

Only your dog, no exceptions

Is your dog slightly timid, nervous or a rescue that isnt ready to interact with other pups?

Then this is the walk you need.

This is a full hour, one to one session, where your dogs specific needs are catered to.


For pets who don’t need a walk

A pit Stop for your Pet.

Do you work full days and need us to “pop in” and let your pooch out for a wee, poop and a quick play for socialisation? 

Pet Stops will be done around lunchtime in between dog walks.

If your dog requires a specialist service or has any additional needs, we can tailor a service specifically for your dog to enable them to enjoy paradise.

Our Prices

Dog Walking

Dog walks throughout the coast & countryside surrounding the Exmouth area.


1 Hour Group Walk (Max 4 Dogs)

£ 11.50

1 hour Solo Walk
30 Min Solo Walk

£ 18.50


Looking after pets in the direct Exmouth area.


£ 7.50/visit

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our standard walks guarantee a minimum of an hour walk for all dogs. Time both before and after the walk (during collection & drop-off) is not part of the walking time as standard.

During the walks we regularly update our social media pages and stories with the dogs we take to paradise, why not follow us and see what we could offer your dog.

We only take a maximum of 4 dogs on our standard walks.

Keeping the total number of dogs on our walks to a maximum of 4 ensures that there is minimum travel time & distance on collection and drop off of your dog. We don’t want them sat in the van for any longer than they have to either !

We have a purpose-built 2014 Citroen Berlingo van with 5 various sized cages to safely transport your dog. All the cages are lockable show style designed and fitted with escape doors, so animals can be removed safely through multiple exits. Our van is also fitted with SPEED LINER protective van lining throughout (to protect against e-coli, mrsa etc.), this meets upcoming dog walking legislation requirements.

All of our walks are done in 3 sessions during walking days. You can book your dog onto any of these walks if there are spaces available. If you would like to arrange your dog to be walked for a set number of days in the same session(s) each day then this can be arranged. If we have extra availability on non-scheduled walking days these may be solo slots or group slots depending on availability.

Our dog walks will be conducted by Nick who is fully trained in Canine first aid, Canine Behaviour. He is fully insured and DBS checked to ensure your dog is safe when on one of our walks.

No you do not need to be home when we collect/drop off your dog. Depending on personal preference, you can have a coded lock-box on your property for us to gain access to a key (this will never be removed and only used for access to the property). Alternatively we can hold a key to your property which will be kept in a secure location and only be identified by the name of your dog (no address will be marked on any keys held with us).


All of our meet and greets are designed to find out what walks your dog will best fit into, we can answer any and all questions and it’s totally free. At the end of our visit we will be able to tell you what walking slots are available and where your dog will fit in best.

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